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Palliative Care, Ghana
Palliative Care, Ghana

About Ripples Health Care Services

Ripples is a leader in the delivery of home palliative care services in Ghana. We are however, still committed to working with and engaging our clients and their families in our continued strive to evolve and meet the changing needs of those with a life-limiting illness. As we adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment, however, we are guided by our values which we uphold dearly.

Ripples Values:

  • Meeting our clients’ needs come first
  • Clients have a say in decisions relating to their care and we take them very serious
  • Commitment, discipline and caring in love ranks high on our
  • We promote the family culture amongst our caring team and we take care of each other
  • We endeavour to make a difference by always doing our best each day
  • You can not give what you do not have
  • At Ripples it is a life changing experience not just academics