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Palliative Care, Ghana
Palliative Care, Ghana

Your Questions Answered

Home Care Service

What categories of service do you provide?
We provide the following services:
• 10 hour care.
• 12 hour care.
• 24 hour care.

Do you provide live in service?
No, we do not provide live-in service. Our version of this is the 24-hour service where you will have a maximum of three carers taking turns in accordance with schedule agreed with client.

What is the shortest period of care that you provide?
Our minimum period of care is 4 hours.

What kinds of conditions do you care for?
We work with all medical conditions and also with all stages from depressed stages to HIV/AIDS.

Do you work with babies as well?
Yes we look after babies as young as one day old.

Would you change the Carer that you assign to us if we made a request?
Absolutely, we will change your Carer at no cost to you if you request it. We require at least 24 hour notice to effect the change.

Are there geographic areas that your service does not cover?
No, we will care for your loved one anywhere, within and outside the borders of Ghana. All travel arrangements shall be the client/sponsor’s responsibility where necessary.

Do you accompany clients on doctor visits?
Yes, but purely on the invitation of the client and will the due approval by his/her doctor. This is best to avoid any possible embarrassment.

Do you care for the disabled and mentally challenged?
Yes, we do.

Do you advice on diet?
Yes, we do advice on diet in simple cases where necessary. We however advice our clients to consult with a professional where condition is advanced.

Do you arrange with doctors for specialist care?
Yes we arrange with doctors for specialist care.

How do I access your services?
1. You need to make contact with the office. An initial set of information will be collected.
2. You or your representative will have to come to the office. A supervisor will accompany you to undertake a full assessment of the client. You will be responsible for the supervisor’s travel from and back to the office.
3. The assessment report is used to design the care plan. You will be invited to discuss fully and agree on the care plan and commencement date and sign the contract.

What are your Rates?
For information on current rates please contact the office on +233 302684681 or Mavis on +233 277456126. Thank you.

What Is Palliative Care?
Palliative care is the care of patients with active, progressive, far-advanced disease and a short life expectancy, for whom the focus of care is the relief and prevention of suffering and the improvement of quality of life. The message of palliative care is that whatever the disease, however advanced it is, whatever treatments have already been given, with Tender Loving Care there is always something which can be done to improve the quality of the life remaining to the patient/client.

What is a Hospice?
The meaning of the word "hospice" comes from the Latin "hospis", which meant "a host and guest". The Latin "hospitalis" meant "friendly welcome to a stranger". From this derived the word "hospitality".

Carer Training/Career in Care

What does your training involve?
We train and equip interested and passionate individuals to develop a career in care. The training is focused on equipping trainees for home care. At Ripples it is a life changing experience, not just academics.

Is it a nursing course?
No, It is important to state that this is not a nursing course.

What are the entry requirements?
Entry requirements are:
• Must be an SSS/SHS graduate
• Must have the passion for caring. This is an important requirement.
• Must be prepared for i8-months of discipline and hard work.

What is the procedure?
• You can download the application forms from the download section of our website.
• You may also call personally at the office to pick up an application form.
• Complete and submit at the office together with the fee for the application form GHC15.00 and registration fee of GHC25.00. Remember to include listed attachments.
• An initial interview will be conducted to assess your suitability for the course. Your registration fee will be refunded if you fail to progress to the next stage of the admission process.