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Palliative Care, Ghana
Palliative Care, Ghana

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Prime Care Donates to Ripples

Prime care had this set of equipment and supplies tucked away safely since it decide it was no longer going to implement its original idea of setting up a nursing home in their purpose built property. Then the search was on for a worthy recipient of this huge parcel.

There was no organization found worthy to receive but Ripples Health Care. Having been introduced by the West African representative of City and Guilds, Sabina Asare-Browne checked and convinced herself that Ripples would "put the items to good use" to quote her own words. The items consist of beds, mattresses, furniture, walking aids, hoist and supplies such as disposable nappies. We are deeply touched by such selfless magnanimity.

We have pledged to put the items to such use as to bring to fruition the very purpose for which it was given. In this light we are working hard soliciting for suitable property in a suitable location to start an institutionalized hospice. As at the time of writing none of the leads we have had has yielded fruit yet but we remain very hopeful. We expectantly await the day when Ripples and Prime Care will commission that little hospice that would make a difference in the lives of some terminally ill clients.

If you would like to discuss a suitable property kindly contact us.

Ripples Health Care, Ghana